Geofferey Hyde

MS Education, BS Biology

Grade 10 Homeroom | Science 7-10 | Computer 8-10

Geofferey Hyde’s friends can attest to his three great loves: people, snakes, and sports.  They just can’t say which one comes first.  Growing up the only child in a pastor’s family who relocated every few years, Mr. Hyde’s ability to make - and keep - friends has served him well through the years.  Mr. Hyde loves to laugh and joke.  He tells students that his favorite part of teaching is “messing with you all.” But he admits that’s just a front. “It’s really about building relationships,” he says. Joking and teasing students serves that purpose. Having positive relationships with Christian mentors and role models makes students more likely to develop and keep a positive relationship with Jesus, which is Mr. Hyde’s ultimate goal for his teaching. 

No experience in Mr. Hyde’s classroom is complete without an introduction to another of his loves - his snakes.  Lining the walls in his science lab are cages and cages of snakes. He keeps several more at home, including a 10 foot Burmese python named Lucy. All total, Mr. Hyde’s family owns more than 35 snakes.  They also have an assortment of other reptiles such as bearded dragons and turtles.  New students to Mr. Hyde’s room always get an introduction his famous menagerie and most learn to become comfortable with his legless reptile friends.  Many students enjoy handling the more docile ones, while others better enjoy “playing with the food,” as Mr. Hyde calls the mice that he raises to feed his pets.  Several times a year Mr. Hyde takes some of his snakes on the road and does nature presentations in different venues.  He also packs them up and takes them to summer camp to share with the campers.

Mr. Hyde and his wife have a soft spot for youth camps since they spent several years running Camp Blue Ridge in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.  While at Camp Blue Ridge, Mr. Hyde did every job there was to do at one time or another except be a girls’ counselor. His favorite job was driving the ski boat.  He’ll tell you that job put him in the best shape he’s ever been in—which is saying a lot considering how much he loves sports and how many hours a day he played them when he was in college.  Mr. Hyde loves a long list of sports, but volleyball is his favorite to play. When watching sports, Mr. Hyde cheers for the New England teams, the Patriots and the Red Socks.  We’ll forgive him, since he did attend Atlantic Union College outside Boston. 

After graduating, Mr. Hyde and his wife worked at Garden State Academy in upstate New Jersey.  Mr. Hyde also served as principal at Cedarvale Jr. Academy in Missouri and Wilmington Jr. Academy in Delaware before coming to AAA in 2007.