Karen Cerione

BS (Master’s equivalent) Education

Grade 2

Mrs. Cerione loves teaching elementary students.  In fact, she says, "God put me in teaching."  She worked as a dental assistant for many years before God led her to her true calling - teaching.  Mrs. Cerione loves teaching grades 1 and 2 and first taught those grades in beautiful Grants Pass, Oregon. She loves using project-based learning to actively engage her students. You will often see her students' work displayed along the hallways, such as a variety of science demonstrations or a series of rock collections. "I love teaching because I am able to entice students to come to the water hole of knowledge and to the Living Water. "

Mrs. Cerione's science interest carries through other parts of her life.  She enjoys visiting places like Saint Thomas, Carlsbad Caverns, Yellowstone National Park, Redwoods National Park, Yosemite National Park, Monument Valley, and Grand Canyon National Park.  Even her favorite quote - "God's promises are like the stars; the darker the night the brighter they shine" - shows her love of science.

Mrs. Cerione enjoys reading, especially biographies, historical Christian novels, and true animal stories.  Her favorite authors include Max Lucado, Ellen G. White, and Gary Richmond.  Musically, her tastes are varied, including a love of guitar, saxophone, southern gospel, and contemporary Christian music.  In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, crafts, drawing, singing karaoke, and playing the piano, saxophone, or mandolin (but only at home).