Lisa DeWitt

MA Curriculum and Instruction, BA Elementary Education

Grade 7 Homeroom, Bible, So. Studies | Reading/LA 7-8

Lisa DeWitt was born in Niles, MI but spent all of her before-college school years overseas, living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Her school years 1-12 were spent in mission schools, including Far Eastern Academy.

For college, Mrs. DeWitt returned to the United States to attend Andrews University in Michigan.  She began as an accounting major, but after working at Camp Leoni Meadows (CA) during summer camp, she discovered she loved kids and changed her major to elementary education. One of Mrs. DeWitt's best accomplishments while at Andrews was snagging Mr. DeWitt as her husband. (Mr. D, as he is affectionately known, is our distinguished upper grades math teacher.)

Mrs. DeWitt's teaching career has been a varied one.  She taught for 4 years in a two-room school in Cleveland, OH where she was responsible for various subjects in grades K-9. Most of her time, however, was spent in the younger grades. Next, she moved back to Berrien Springs, MI where she taught grades 5-6 for 5 years. One of those years she team-taught grades 5-6 with Mr. DeWitt, which allowed Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt to swap off time with each other so they didn't have to hire a babysitter for their two small boys. About this time Mr. DeWitt came to Atholton Adventist Academy to be our math teacher. Mrs. DeWitt decided it was now time to be a full-time mom and homeschool teacher for her boys.

Eventually, the lure of the classroom was just too much, so Mrs. DeWitt took a position as a one-room school teacher at Martin Barr SDA School in Gambrills, MD. Three of her 7 students were her own boys. Some might say that is having your cake and eating it too!

After several years of trying to convince Mrs. DeWitt to join our staff at Atholton Adventist Academy, she agreed to assume the homeroom position for grade 7 and teach Reading/Language Arts, Bible, and social studies to our grade 7-8 students.

She has endeared herself to her students by her kind, gentle manner and unique ideas and projects. Not the least of which is her crocheting. She has made hundreds of crocheted hats over the last couple of years, and almost every student in her room has been the recipient of a hat this year.

In addition to crocheting, she loves reading (especially children's literature), socializing with friends, scrapbooking, and collecting Lego sets (an interest that she share with her three boys. She says her biggest challenge is keeping up with and feeding the four boys in her house. (Yes, she included her husband in the number!)