Mark Griffin

B.S. Mathematics, MAEL Masters Arts Educational Leadership


I was born in Portland Oregon, joining a family of 2 parents (Dr. John and Sylvia Griffin), 2 older brothers (Dr. John A Griffin and Dr. Craigan Griffin) and later a little sister (Rebecca Griffin Meadowcroft).  I grew up on 20 acres in a small town called Boring Oregon.  As I got older I started school at Hood View Jr. Academy and attended there from 1st through 8th grade.  I then transfered to Portland Adventist Academy for my high school years graduating in 1993.  After graduation I made my first move to College Place Washington where I attended Walla Walla College.  There were two areas that I was very successful during my stay at Walla Walla.  I was able to graduate with a B.S. in Mathematics and was able to meet the lady of my life, Marilyn Zinner who was born in Uganda, raised in Lebonon, immigrated to Canada.  It was while she attended Walla Walla College that we met and later got married.  We have two boys, Brendon and Keagan who have been raised on the farm and in the world of music.  Our joys were often enjoying the Columbia River, Backpacking, Music and Animals. 

As a product of Adventist education and observer of current events, I am a passionate believer in the necessity of Adventist education in today's world.   As a young teacher, excelling in academics was my goal.   Through the successful development of a business, I became better versed in business and marketing strategies while leading a team of employees to excel in their field.  Upon my return as an administrator in the Adventist system, I actively implemented these biblically based business strategies to strengthen and stabilize the educational process.  Further experience in working with groups of people to unite them into one goal has resulted in my ultimate desire to provide an educational system that prepares each student to effectively use the strengths and abilities God has given them.   A focus on implementing effective learning and teaching strategies combined with solid business and spiritual foundations that remain distinctly Adventist work together to allow us to build a continually effective educational program.   In addition, taking the biblical instruction to build up one another in love while focusing on what is good and lovely prompts me to continually search out and develop areas of strength in our staff, students, board and volunteers. 

Through high academics, spiritual commitment and prayer, dedication, hard work, quality programming, creativity, team effort, respect and value for others, service to the community, as well as accountability, I believe that Atholton Adventist Academy can continue to hold a truly critical niche in educating our young people for the future, both here and throughout eternity. Educating highly skilled and disciplined leaders for God who are thoroughly prepared and empowered to use their education to go out into all the world as ‘a witness unto all nations’ (Matthew 24:14) and disciple others to ‘keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus’ (Revelation 14:12) in preparation for Jesus’ soon return is a necessity for today.