Mark O'Ffill

MDiv Theology, BA Theology, ordained

Bible 9-10 | ESL Bible, History | Computer 5, 7

Pastor Mark O'Ffill has had two careers.  After finishing he divinity degree, Pastor Mark served as a youth pastor in California. He loves young people and wants to be where the kids are.  Realizing that during the week students are in school led him to return to school and complete requirements for a professional teaching certificate. Currently, he operates in both roles as chaplain and teacher.

Pastor Mark, as he is affectionately called, has been a youth pastor, teacher, and school administrator - but most importantly he loves to spend time with young people, helping them discover a forever friendship with Jesus Christ.  He loves to read biographies, short stories, and inspirational literature, especially by authors such as C.S. Lewis, Phillip Yancy, Rudyard Kipling, and Mark Twain.  

In his spare time Pastor Mark loves to travel and has been to 49 states in the US as well as Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, and Jordan.  His favorite places include the Sea of Galilee, Israel; Ruins of Athens, Greece; Monument Valley, Everglades, and San Francisco.  He especially enjoys traveling with his family, a camera, a geocaching GPS and a rock hammer - though when visiting his favorite National Parks like Banff, Yellowstone, Yosemite, or Isle Royal, he "takes only pictures and leaves only footprints."  He often reminds his students that Christians should be the best examples of eco-consciousness. "After all," he says, "God put us in charge of the Garden of Eden and commanded that we take care of it!  We may have messed up Eden, but we CAN improve the world around us!"

Pastor Mark enjoys following a variety of sports, including Major League Baseball and  the NFL. His favorite professional teams are the Atlanta Braves and Indianapolis Colts, though he now has a soft-spot for the Denver Broncos, since "they have OUR quarterback."  Recreationally, volleyball, softball, flag football, and soccer are Pastor Mark's favorites. 

Pastor Mark states "I love teaching because it allows me the opportunity to engage the learner in both an academic and spiritual process.  As we become educated in how great persons of faith handled their lives and made their decisions in the past, we can become educated and impressed with how we too can experience a personal, living, giving relationship with God and how we can make a difference in our world."