Steve DeWitt

BS Elementary Education

Grade 8 Homeroom, Bible | Mathematics 7-10

Steve DeWitt, or Mr. D as he is affectionately known, is just an overgrown kid.  If someone were to paint a picture of him, he’d be wearing a Detroit Lion’s jersey, holding a hockey stick in one hand and a doughnut in the other.  (Mr. D claims to be “promoting the culture of doughnut appreciation.”)  As a sports fanatic, Mr. D watches, plays, and loves just about any sport except car racing, horse racing, and golf - which in his opinion do not count as sports. As a true “die-hard” Michigan fan, Mr. D roots doggedly for the Detroit teams regardless of their record.  At Atholton, Mr. D often plays basketball after school with some of the boys or finds time to take his class out for an afternoon game of soccer.  When he first arrived, he instituted sports tournaments for grades seven through ten held on each of the final school days before major holidays.  Mr. D also plays roller hockey often with local alumni and several of the other teachers.

Mr. D’s hobbies extend beyond sports.  He loves listening to Contemporary Christian music and “Michigan polka.”  When he finds a particularly good song, he has been known to play it all day long for his students.  At home, Mr. D keeps his mind sharp by competing with the game show contestants on TV.  He faithfully tapes each episode of Jeopardy and plays the video during lunch in his classroom.  Mr. D is also the undisputed king of Text Twist, an online game of scrambled words in which he and his wife have racked up millions of points. He is known for his witty sayings, and, no matter how serious a discussion is taking place, he is sure to put forth his famous comedic words that leaves the room in stitches.

Mr. D, a graduate of Andrews Universtiy, is not all fun and games, however. He is a serious math teacher with certification in both math and science. Turn in your homework assignment even one minute too late and you’ll find out just how serious he is. He aims for his students to learn, and learn they do.  On daily assignments, he offers half credit back if students correct their mistakes and resubmit their papers. He also offers extra credit at the end of each quarter to anyone who will memorize the first 100 digits of pi. There are always some students who actually earn the credit, too.

As if Mr. D didn't already have a busy life being a teacher, dad, husband, sports enthusiast, music critic, and comedian, he has a major bucket list he hopes to accomplish:  Slam dunk a basketball on a 10 ft. rim; skydive solo from 15,000 ft.; scuba dive around a shipwreck; do a front flip; visit Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, Australia; and play football with his friends on an NFL field.