Veronica Cooper

BS, Language Arts for Elementary Education

Grade 4

Ms. Cooper is from the United Kingdom. She attended Hackney College and Westminster College before coming to the US, where she also received college training at Andrews University. Prior to her professional career as a teacher, Ms. Cooper served as a legal/paralegal secretary.  She brings her eye for details to her classroom where she pushes her students to question and explore. In fact, her favorite quote is "It is better to be a fool for a minute than a fool for life!"


Ms. Cooper loves to read and also stresses the importance of reading with her fourth graders.  Many of her favorite authors are those whom her students enjoy as well. Students also get to know Ms. Cooper’s love of the artistic. “I’m artsy,” she says. “I love anything that pertains to the arts: interior design, painting, sculpture, writing, drama.”


This love of hers, not only takes Ms. Cooper to museums, it also takes her shopping. She loves the mall and she love quaint and charming shopping districts. Stores are wonderful places to discover creativity. It follows well that Ms. Copper enjoys traveling. She has been to many places in France, the United Kingdom, and Jamaica. Her bucket list of travel adventures includes visiting all 50 US states and the Seven Wonders of the World. Her number one goal I life, however, is to extend a personal invitation to each of her students to “run the race” of life with Jesus.